• Cadaver Indies Episode 14 – Murder Party 2007



    We’re back! This episode we’re talking about Murder Party from 2007. We also give you the next installment of horror trivia. Who has to take the deuce? Listen to find out.

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 13 – Psycho Beach Party 2000


    Johnny and Mike are back talking hot beach parties and romantic nights with your best girl! Well… kind of… we are talking beach parties, but other than that it’s all about naughty bits and confused rambling… Which is cool… We’re talking about 2000’s Psycho Beach Party.

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 12 – The Janitor 2003



    We’re finally back folks! This episode Crystal Eyes and Mike are talking about The Janitor from 2003.

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 11 – A Cadaver Christmas 2011


    We’re back… New month… new holiday! This episode we’re talking about 2011’s A Cadaver Christmas.  We have Horror Movie Trivia and, of course, shenanigans… Enjoy!

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 10 – Thankskilling 2009

    Now is the time of giving thanks for all of our blessings… floppy titties, turkey necks, and Goodbye Horses… That’s what we bring you this week as we finish off this round of Horror Trivia and talk about 2009’s Thankskilling.

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 9 – Satan’s Little Helper 2004

    Johnny and Mike are back with their monthly foray into the cheap and independent film world! This episode we’re talking about Satan’s Little Helper… A story about how an annoying kid manages not to get molested by a savage serial killer…

    We also start the show with our Horror Movie Trivia Challenge and we get closer to the Banana-Sprite-Goodbye Horses Challenge!

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 8 – The Innkeepers 2011


    The ghost of technical issues visited us upon this episode… which sucked the balls. However, we worked through it and though the sound quality is a little worse than usual, it’s still amazing… and you can take that to the bank!

    This week we soldier on with the Trivia Challenge and we talk about Ti West’s film from 2011 called The Innkeepers.

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 7 – Pelt 2010


    Johnny and Mike are back! This episode we talk about 2010’s Pelt… about young folks who go walking through the woods and get picked off… one… by… one… Zzzzzzzz… ooh sorry… I dozed off a little there reading that plot synopsis. Seems old and tired. However, did Pelt have anything that made it rise above the played-out plot-line? We’ll see…

    Also, we engage in another round of the Horror Movie Trivia Challenge. We also announce the task the loser has to perform when they reach 30 points.


  • Cadaver Indies Episode 6 – Girls Gone Dead 2012

    Johnny and Mike are back with this month’s Cadaver Indies… Get ready for it folks, tits, gore, and… well… more tits. Anyhoo… The Trivia Challenge has begun again after the thrashing Johnny gave Mike. The “prize” for the loser is still up in the air, but the game is afoot… Check it out.

  • Cadaver Indies Episode 5 – The Orphan Killer

    The hell you say?!? That’s right folks, Johnny and Mike are back doing the indies thing… just in time for the horror movie trivia challenge to get wrapped up. The reckoning has arrived… there will be an egg-salad vomit apocalypse… See who is the unlucky fellow.

    We also talk about a movie called The Orphan Killer… an indie flick from 2011.